Lipitor (atorvastatin) could be recommended to lower the levels of fatty tissue in your blood. If taken by pregnant ladies, Lipitor is unsafe for unborn children. Always ensure you take a pregnancy examination before beginning the treatment - it must be negative for you to star taking Lipitor securely. Tell your physician if you have muscular tissue condition, history of liver condition, diabetes, renal system disease, or underactive thyroid prior to beginning the procedure Any of those problems might influence the performance of Lipitor and the excellence of your procedure as a whole. Your therapy is supposed to be incorporated with a healthier diet, and you will not be supposed to eat any type of meals that are high in cholesterol to make certain you obtain all the perks of the procedure and Lipitor is as efficient as feasible for you. Take Lipitor specifically as it was recommended for you. Do not take the medicine in larger amounts, or take it for longer than advised by your doctor. Comply with the instructions on your prescribed label. An overdose of this medication is not anticipated to generate deadly signs, make certain you look for emergency situation medial aid if you occurred to take as well much of it. Alcoholic beverages can adversely affect your procedure and wellbeing if you are taking Lipitor right now, so see to it you stay away from alcoholic beverages consumption when experiencing this treatment.

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